Keyword Research for SEO: How to Do It

Keyword research is gaining more popularity every day, but the picture of what goes around it is still very opaque, so to find out, let's unravel this blog. What Do...

March 20, 2023  Read More
What’s The Difference Between A 301 And 302 Redirect?

Understanding how to properly apply redirects is an important component of your job as an SEO consultant. Redirects are an important tool for keeping traffic flowing from old pages to...

March 1, 2023  Read More
SEO-Friendly URLs: A Step-By-Step Guide

There are several compelling reasons to make SEO-friendly URLs. Your URL needs to contain a keyword, or you should make sure it adheres to all Google and other search engine...

February 20, 2023  Read More
What Are Navigational Keywords – Definition and Examples

Are you considering knowing more about what are navigational keywords? It is a type of long-tail keyword that search engines can identify as part of a search query that is...

January 31, 2023  Read More
Types of SEO – White Hat SEO & Black Hat SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is one of the top skills in digital marketing one needs to know thoroughly to make your website rank. Within no time, its significance has...

January 25, 2023  Read More
What is Robots.txt: Complete Guide – Definition, Purpose, And Benefits

Owners of websites can teach web crawlers and other web robots on how to access the pages on their website by including instructions in the robots txt file. It can...

January 20, 2023  Read More
What Is An HTML Sitemap: Everything About HTML Sitemap

HTML sitemaps are pages with the second level of nesting, which contain links to the website's most important pages. Sitemaps are designed to assist users in finding the sections and...

January 18, 2023  Read More
What is Google PageRank Algorithm and How does it work

PageRank (PR) is a Google Search algorithm that ranks websites in the search engine results of Google. This PageRank algorithm was coined after Larry Page, one of google’s co-founders. In...

July 20, 2022  Read More
Why Google reviews are important | Google My Business

As you may already know—what customers say about a specific business carries more weight than what the business represents, regardless of how good their product and services may be. But...

July 18, 2022  Read More
What Is Anchor Text And Its Importance In SEO | Types Of Anchor Text

Anchor text acts as a cover for a plain URL by giving it a relevant title. It makes the link look more presentable enhancing the user experience. See it for...

July 6, 2022  Read More