What is Google PageRank Algorithm and How does it work

PageRank (PR) is a Google Search algorithm that ranks websites in the search engine results of Google. This PageRank algorithm was coined after Larry Page, one of google’s co-founders. In...

July 20, 2022  Read More
Why Google reviews are important | Google My Business

As you may already know—what customers say about a specific business carries more weight than what the business represents, regardless of how good their product and services may be. But...

July 18, 2022  Read More
What is Anchor Text and its Importance in SEO | Types of Anchor Text

Anchor text acts as a cover for a plain URL by giving it a relevant title. It makes the link look more presentable enhancing the user experience. See it for...

July 6, 2022  Read More
What is Local Search & Its Importance

We're all familiar with the concept of SEO and how it has transformed marketing and taken it to a whole new level. But when it comes to local search, many...

July 1, 2022  Read More