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Digital Marketing intern

Experience: 0 to 6 Month

Full Time
Digital Marketing Executive

Experience: Minimum One Year Experience

Full Time

Do you dream of a great career and wish to touch the greatest heights of success? Do you wish to work with a team that has the perfect balance of creativity, conceptualization, and technicalities? You are absolutely at the right place then! Inausco offers exemplary professional opportunities to people who have that creative and competitive streak in them.
You can be a part of our innovative solutions and strategies that help us catapult our clients’ objectives to success.

  • Our CultureAt Inausco, we follow a professional yet innovative work culture. The belief and faith we place on our teams are inexpressible. The best part of our thought process is that we believe in fostering team spirit thus facilitating collective growth. Every individual needs the right impetus to grow and flourish, and we believe it’s not possible unless you have the right team beside you.
  • BenefitsWhile working at Inausco, you would be a part of a team that can create 360-degree strategies to re-innovate a brand. Whether it’s sharpening your web development skills or learning the art of creating attractive graphic designs, there would be opportunities to grow in every sphere. The working ambience is great as we consider every teammate to be a member of the family named ‘Inausco’!