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What Is Anchor Text And Its Importance In SEO | Types Of Anchor Text

July 6, 2022

Anchor text acts as a cover for a plain URL by giving it a relevant title. It makes the link look more presentable enhancing the user experience. See it for yourself, a link can be added like or like Inausco. Needless to say, the second one looks better. But make sure that your ‘link title’ and your ‘hyperlink’ make a great match to be authentic on the internet.

Come, let’s explore the world of anchor texts.

What is an anchor text?

Anchor text is the text that fastens one webpage to another. Additionally, anchor texts allow you to commence downloads or access a document or a pdf file. How? Just by clicking away.  People often call an anchor text a link label or link title. It is majorly the clickable text that gives you extended information about the topic you’re reading.

For instance,

Inausco is your one-stop for all the digital solutions your brand needs!

Here, ‘Inausco’ is the anchor text. An anchor text is determined by the blue and underlined(often, not always) text that appears on a webpage. It takes you to another webpage that might be of reader’s help providing them with a wholesome experience. 

Why is Anchor Text important?

Anchor text is basically the basis of judgment by search engines and readers. 

Let’s suppose you land on a blog and decide to give it a read. While reading about say ‘digital marketing’ you come across a link label saying ‘get your free trial with us ’. With the hope of getting a free trial, you click on the link only to realize that you’ve landed on the brand’s Instagram page and all their digital marketing services are chargeable.

Here are the consequences of an unrelated anchor text

  • This would not only break your trust in the brand but also repel you to visit this particular web page ever again in the future due to an unpleasant user experience.
  • The search engine would also rank this website much lower because the link title is irrelevant to the page that the link is taking to which doesn’t enrich the user experience.

But what would be the right thing to do here? You may ask.

In the above example, it would have been only wise for the brand to do either of the two

  •  Add the link label as ‘Our Instagram Page’ so that when the website visitors click on the link they know they’ll be taken to the brand’s Instagram page. 
  • If the brand decides to keep the ‘link label’ as ‘get your free trial with us ’ then they need to link a landing page where all their free services are described well and there’s a link to actually get all the promised services for absolutely 0 costs.

So you see being transparent and relevant is highly crucial for the brand to gain a loyal audience and to be loved(ranked higher) by the SEO as well.

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