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Types of SEO – White Hat SEO & Black Hat SEO

January 25, 2023

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is one of the top skills in digital marketing one needs to know thoroughly to make your website rank. Within no time, its significance has been recognized globally, but several questions still need a lot of studies. SEO is broad and massive and has several terms and abbreviations that need clarification and one of the main terms is “Types Of SEO”. We’ll get you back.

In this guide, inch by inch, we will see what are the different types of SEO are and what are the terminologies around it. What types must an online marketing company or website know to gain maximum benefit? So let’s dive in to answer the Whys and whats.

There Are Typically Three Types Of SEO

types of SEO

  • White hat SEO
  • Grey Hat SEO
  • Black Hat SEO

Defining White Hat SEO

White Hat SEO comprises all the approved SEO practices. It is to make a website rank higher on the SEO result page.

White hat SEO is ethical and primarily focuses on improving website traffic. But one has to be patient to see the magic of SEO in this case, as it takes quite a while to show up with noticeable results.

Defining Black Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO comes into play when SEO techniques are applied to make the Website or page rank on several search engine platforms. Well, as one could already guess, the term black refers to bad guys inspired by the Movies.

Yes, it’s quick and gives instant results, but these instant results can get the website owner in trouble. Anyone caught using these practices, their Website will be penalized. A loss is hard to bear. So black hat practices should be used only for bots and spiders, i.e., search engine crawlers.

Understanding Grey Hat SEO

Grey hat SEO, on the other hand, revolves around the implication of practices involving white Hat and black hat SEO. Grey Hat SEO can be said to be the Hero of the SEO cinema, as it can give you Quick and convertible results without inviting any threats or problems to your website.

Though Grey Hat practices comprise both White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO, there are specific regulations and disadvantages here. If you are practicing it for google, it is advised to use it following the terms and conditions. Also, ensure you are not inviting any risk in a hurry to boost traffic and ranking.

When To Choose What?

When to choose What technique for SEO

Now, when all the cards are on the table, you need to know which one to go for under which scenario. So here is the brief for each.

White Hat SEO

Not all websites and businesses have the same purpose. Thus the same SEO practices will only work some of the time. You need to know your pitch well. One needs to be clear with their goal before opting for any SEO practice out of three. In the following scenarios, one can switch to White Hat SEO.

  • When you are creating information and Value base content.
  • If your Website is creating content for educational purposes.
  • And you are willing to link your Website as a resource, even in that case, White Hat is ideal.

Black Hat SEO

Before going for Black Hat SEO, consider all its guidelines and prohibitions, as black hat SEO goes against Google and Bing’s guidelines and conditions. So instead of getting your Website rank, it can permanently be banned by bing and google search engines.

Gray White SEO

As Gray Hat SEO stands different from the two mentioned above SEO. This SEO is considerable only when your Website’s purpose is to gain links. This is also against the guidelines of google. Thus before opting for these practices, think and analyze every aspect critically.

The features of Grey Hat SEO sound very interesting, and you might want to imply it immediately, but that’s not a very good idea. If you are generating high-quality content, then google will automatically rank your Website on top.

Bottom line

You already know the advantages and disadvantages of all types of SEO, so before switching to any of the three mentioned once, check on that. Also, as advised by professionals and SEO marketers, before publishing any optimized content, go through the guidelines and protocols of different search engines. Keep a note of facts such as to rank your website on bing, and you need to make sure it has a few ads.

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Which types of SEO among the three is the best?

The SEO scope depends on the content requirement of the Website. Depending on that, only the scalability of an SEO can be stated.

Black Hat SEO is illegal? And if not, how can it be used?

Black hat SEO is not unlawful. Some of the practices do not align with the guidelines of some search engines. Thus if a website gets caught practicing what is prohibited, there is a threat of getting penalized.

Why is White Hat SEO preferred?

White Hat SEO is preferable as all its practices are legally authorized and are not objected to by any search engine. It’s upbeat, easy to adapt, does not bring any threat, and has no significant disadvantage; thus, it is always in.