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What Is An HTML Sitemap: Everything About HTML Sitemap

January 18, 2023

HTML sitemaps are pages with the second level of nesting, which contain links to the website’s most important pages.

Sitemaps are designed to assist users in finding the sections and pages they are looking for on the site. Furthermore, it provides additional opportunities for interlinking.


What Do We Understand By HTML Sitemap?

No Rocket Science, Not technical Jargon, An HTML page is just a page where all the sub-pages of a website are listed, as mentioned in the above paragraph. It is linked in the footer of web design, making it easier for the visitors to surf the exemplary service.

HTML Sitemap

HTML sitemap improves user understanding and makes the website structure look easier. It simply makes surfing more accessible and more oriented. It looks like a navigation bar that can help you land on the preferred and respective page.


How To Generate HTML Sitemap

Basic principles that must be followed to generate an HTML Sitemap:


Presentable Structure Of The Information:

The pages should be arranged in the order of proper hierarchy right from the main page to section, subsection, and then landing pages of services. You can go for suitable templates for the look of your sitemap.


The site map should be at the website footer, which is the best location for a website sitemap. Also, place an additional link on the 404 error page so the user can easily continue with their last session. Small comments on the section can direct the user to the best product and service. Thus the tiring time of surfing the whole website can be mitigated, and the user can be benefited more easily. Working on the behavioural factors, page depth and Bounce Rate helps build more user convenience and benefits.


Using A Sitemap Generator To Create A HTML Sitemap

Follow These Basic Steps:

  • One should go for an online HTML sitemap generator like XML-Sitemap for an automated and fast process. It’s free of cost and can be easily used by sites for up to 500 pages.
  • Put the URL of your website into the given field to make a sitemap HTML.
  • Be patient! The report takes sufficient time for viewing.
  • With the blue button on the report, you can now view the map. Now go to the next page under the XML map; this map consists of a section where all sitemaps, i.e. XML and HTML can be downloaded.
  • Now you can transfer the Download files to the Root folder.
  • A WordPress HTML sitemap can be generated using plugins like HTML Page Sitemap. For other CMS also, there are several options to switch to.


What Are The Benefits of HTML Sitemaps?

  • Extensive Website Maintenance And Management:
    The working of an HTML sitemap is much similar to that of some departmental stores. It is convenient to add new ideas to your site, which will allow you to expand your portfolio. With sitemaps, users find it easy to surf web pages, not just for users. For the person maintaining sitemaps, stocking becomes an easier task.


  • Promoting the voice of the website more clearly:
    The specific value of the website can be stated and defined using HTML sitemaps. It improves consciousness and thus boosts traffic and SEO by using the relevant keyword for the sitemaps to cater to more benefits.


  • Improving navigation:
    As the website grows, the number of pages also Grows, and the possibility of duplication also increases. This creates complexity for the search engine as well. Sitemaps help in easy mapping and thus remove duplication, and other related issues can be eradicated. The analytics have shown that visitors use HTML sitemaps more regularly than navigation.


  • Improving Search Engine Visibility:
    HTML sitemaps can direct the bots to get a complete picture of the site’s pages. Both taxonomy and hierarchy assist users; besides these for search crawlers, too, it’s very crucial. Sitemap helps search crawlers understand the website taxonomy well.One example to prove the visibility is Linkedin; even LinkedIn has a sitemap that comprises all links to its user pages.
  •  Fine Print:
    Suppose you are not interested in having HTML Sitemap but curious about using one for WordPress. You can go for sitemaps plugins. Plugins support the automatic site development and management process.But for big sites, these are the options;
  • Screaming Frog
  • On crawl

Web Crawl supports as a basis for organizing pages as per the themes.

HTML Vs XML Sitemap?

Another critical question arises while doing web development is whether going for an HTML sitemap or XML Sitemap is essential for SEO. However, both types of sitemaps serve different purposes. XML Sitemaps are suitable for Google and other search engines.

While on the other hand, HTML Sitemap is mainly user-centric and focuses on the site’s easy navigation. Both usability and SEO have to be managed for better functionality.

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